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Foundation Huacaya Alpacas

Cria Female

Bright As Can Be!!
AOA# 36170692  DOB: 9/14/2023  (Under 1 yr)
Huacaya | Cria Female | Unproven | Medium Fawn
Sire: Liberty's Ellis Island
Dam: An Angel Among Us
Service Sire: Red Granite's Innsbruck

This lovely lady is really in a league of her own!! Meet Badger Canyon’s Angel’s Elegance (Ellie)!! Ellie is a beautiful medium fawn out of none other than our wonderful foundation dam, An Angel Among...

Emmaus Grand-Daughter!!
 DOB: 7/13/2024  (Under 1 yr)
Huacaya | Cria Female | Unproven | Light Fawn
Sire: Badger Canyon's Laszlo by Bram
Dam: Crescent Moon's Emiri

For Sale At Side with Dam!!
 DOB: 6/1/2024  (Under 1 yr)
Huacaya | Cria Female | Unproven | White
Sire: Badger Canyon's Laszlo by Bram
Dam: Sage Bluff's Arctica

This little girl is quite special!! Our second cria out of Badger Canyon's Laszlo by Bram is another beauty!! Badger Canyon's Pirouette is another special cria. She is oh so uber bright, fine, and den...


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2024 AOA National Color Champion!!
AOA# 36284825  DOB: 7/23/2023  (Under 1 yr)
Huacaya | Cria Female | Unproven | True Black
Sire: Liberty’s Manifest-Destiny
Dam: A Paca Fun's Adaline

This stunning girl is the definition of perfection!! She is a beautiful, leggy girl who is square and upright with excellent substance of bone, and to add to that perfect conformation, she has the mos...

Cria Male

For Sale At Side with Dam!!
 DOB: 5/20/2024  (Under 1 yr)
Huacaya | Cria Male | Unproven | Beige
Sire: Badger Canyon's Laszlo by Bram
Dam: OR Trail Bisturi's Luna

This little guy is the spitting imagine of his multi champion sire!! He is a stunning boy and is full of potential!! His fleece is incredibly dense, bright and crimpy!! He is packing so much fleece on...


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2024 AOA Reserve National Champion!!
AOA# 36284818  DOB: 9/19/2023  (Under 1 yr)
Huacaya | Cria Male | Unproven | Light Brown
Sire: Liberty’s Manifest-Destiny
Dam: Badger Canyon's Angel's Grace

Probably the most beautiful alpaca we have ever produced!! Badger Canyon’s Destined King is the real King!! The most extraordinary fleece, bright, dense, fine, just full of rich, silky curls! A super ...

For Sale At Side with Dam!!
 DOB: 6/19/2024  (Under 1 yr)
Huacaya | Cria Male | Unproven | Medium Brown
Sire: Badger Canyon's Laszlo by Bram
Dam: Liberty Alpacas Alibi

This guy is bound to be special!! Espresso is just a special cria. He has so much genetic potential!! His grand sire being Liberty’s Manassas and his grand dam being A Paca Fun’s Adaline a multi champ...


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Almost Lustrous!!
 DOB: 6/24/2024  (Under 1 yr)
Huacaya | Cria Male | Unproven | Beige
Sire: Badger Canyon's Laszlo by Bram
Dam: Crescent Moon's Mabel

Stunning Belvedere boy!!!
 DOB: 6/1/2024  (Under 1 yr)
Huacaya | Cria Male | Unproven | Medium Fawn
Sire: Snowmass Matrix Belvedere
Dam: Badger Canyon's Sabel

Watch out for this guy!! Meet Badger Canyon's Saffron by Belvedere! This little stunner has been a stand out since he was born. He is just simpling stunning so may bright, dense, silky, super fine cur...

Yearling Female

Multi Champion!!
AOA# 36208678  DOB: 7/20/2022  (2 yrs)
Huacaya | Yearling Female | Unproven | White, Beige
Sire: Liberty’s Manifest-Destiny
Dam: Crescent Moon’s Tell Me More
Service Sire: RGR Boco Raton By Val D Lsere

This female is the true representation of pure excellence!! Crescent Moon’s Tell Me Slowly is amazing; no photos do her justice. Her fleece is dense, dense, dense. It is almost impossible to find dens...

Yearling Male

Beautiful tuxedo rose grey!
AOA# 36284580  DOB: 8/10/2022  (1 yr)
Huacaya | Yearling Male | Unproven | White, Light Rose Grey
Sire: Crescent Moon's Kolbe
Dam: Crescent Moon's Emiri

This boy is going to be the one to beat! Badger Canyon's Rosalio is a stunning light rose grey and, having his sire being Crescent Moon's Kolbe, we couldn't be more excited to show this boy. With his ...

Stunning white male!!
AOA# 36119509  DOB: 7/8/2023  (1 yr)
Huacaya | Yearling Male | Unproven | White
Sire: PacaParadise Amerikan Hero
Dam: Mission Ridge Samantha Sunrise

Callahan is a breathtaking white male!! Out of the judges' choice winner Paca Paradise Amerikan Hero and multi-champion Samantha Sunrise, he has it all!! His fleece is gorgeous—silky soft, beautifully...

Open (Female)

Sassy Sizzlin Shak daughter!
AOA# 36055173  DOB: 8/3/2021  (2 yrs)
Huacaya | Open (Female) | Proven | Medium Fawn
Sire: Crescent Moon's Sizzlin Shak
Dam: Crescent Moon's Mabel
Service Sire: Badger Canyon's Laszlo by Bram

This lovely lady is really special. Badger Canyon’s Sabel is a beautiful foundation female. She is a beautifully conformed female carrying great substance of bone she is well balanced and proportione...

Emmuas Daughter!
AOA# 36076079  DOB: 4/15/2020  (4 yrs)
Huacaya | Open (Female) | Proven | Dark Brown
Sire: Crescent Moon's Emmaus
Dam: Painted Sky's Amiri
Service Sire: CRESCENT MOON's Peachee Keen

Don’t let Emiri’s color fool you because this girl produces grey! Emiri is one gorgeous alpaca! She has gorgeous fine, bright ,dense, uniform dark brown fleece and her conformation is just spot on! Wh...

Bred (Female)

2X CHAMP, Super Sonic Daughter
AOA# 35037446  DOB: 5/4/2015  (9 yrs)
Huacaya | Bred (Female) | Proven | True Black
Sire: A Paca Fun's Super Sonic
Dam: A Paca Fun's Hazelnut
Service Sire: Badger Canyon's Laszlo by Bram

Adaline is 4th generation out of A Paca Fun's breeding program on both the sire and dam’s side of her pedigree. Blending several strong black base lines with a little elite fawn thrown in, she is a un...

4X CHAMP by Multi Herdsire of the Year!
AOA# 35150473  DOB: 8/14/2016  (7 yrs)
Huacaya | Bred (Female) | Proven | Medium Fawn
Sire: Jeremiah's Peruvian Jumanji
Dam: Aeryn Sung
Service Sire: CRESCENT MOON's Severinus

Badger Canyon Farm is very excited to announce our purchase of An Angel Among Us! She has already had an impressive show career, securing first place finishes at AOA Nationals, CABA, GWAS, Alpacapaloo...

Champion Winning Fleece!!
AOA# 36034024  DOB: 8/16/2020  (3 yrs)
Huacaya | Bred (Female) | Proven | Medium Fawn
Sire: AOV Accoyo Eros
Dam: An Angel Among Us
Service Sire: CRESCENT MOON's Tarcisius

"Love the softness in her hand." "She has the brightness coming through." "Love the head style." ~ Sharon Loner, AOA Judge Badger Canyon’s Angels Grace (Gracie) is the ideal alpaca! Soft, dense, br...

Super Soft, Extremely Bright Fleece!
AOA# 36284603  DOB: 9/25/2022  (1 yr)
Huacaya | Bred (Female) | Unproven | Dark Fawn
Sire: Liberty's Ellis Island
Dam: Sage Bluff's Arctica
Service Sire: Badger Canyon's Angel's Honour

Badger Canyon’s Little Miss Moonstruck was a exciting cria when she was born, this gorgeous little girl was born 2 weeks early. We were a little worried for her at first because her fleece was looking...

Daughter of 13x Champion!
AOA# 35572138  DOB: 6/18/2018  (6 yrs)
Huacaya | Bred (Female) | Proven | Beige
Sire: Crescent Moon's Accoyo Augustine
Dam: Crescent Moon's Matilda
Service Sire: Badger Canyon's Laszlo by Bram

Daughter of 13x champion Crescent Moon' s Accoyo Augustine and half sibling to multiple champions, Mabel is the complete package; impeccable conformation, stunning phenotype, dense, fine fleece and an...

Herdsire (Male)

Simply Stunning!!!
AOA# 36038398  DOB: 8/6/2021  (2 yrs)
Huacaya | Herdsire (Male) | Unproven | White
Sire: Ezekial's Challenger of Marquam Hill
Dam: NPA Isabella

Proudly Co-Owned with Paca Paradise Ranch and Thordarson Farms!! We are so excited to welcome Ace into our herd!! This exceptional male will help lead the next generation of excellence in white!! A...


AOA# 35433224  DOB: 9/4/2018
Huacaya | Open (Female) | Unproven | White
Sire: Starshire's Vicente
Dam: Sage Bluff's Arctica

A stunning female!! Beautiful phenotype!! Super sound square and amazing substance of bone....

AOA# 35594437  DOB: 7/29/2019
Huacaya | Open (Female) | Unproven | White
Sire: Starshire's Bram
Dam: Zsa Zsa of Hidden Hills

A beautiful, calm disposition alpaca....

1st Walking Fleece as a Juvie!!
AOA# 36284627  DOB: 8/27/2022
Huacaya | Yearling Female | Unproven | True Black
Sire: Liberty's Ellis Island
Dam: Crescent Moon's Mabel

All I can say is WOWZA! When we saw Fable right when she was born we never though we had a true black on our hands, but we did! When we first saw her we were worried that she wouldn’t be of any qualit...

Stunning "Blue" Gray!
AOA# 32029895  DOB: 5/23/2010
Huacaya | Open (Female) | Proven | Medium Silver Grey
Sire: The Rebel S579 AOA
Dam: Naomi's Nicolette

Misty is a gorgeous female with amazing coverage. She is a “spinner’s dream” said Halter Judge Wade Gease when presenting her ribbon during the 2012 Showcase. Her silky-soft fiber is nearly blue in hu...

Accoyo Cahuide Daughter!
AOA# 30037003  DOB: 7/26/2005
Huacaya | Open (Female) | Proven | White

Zsa Zsa is a White Color Champion Female. She went out as a yearling and won the highest award. She is a well framed female, great bone substance. As a youngster, she exhibited good fiber coverage and...